SharePoint 2013 Installation and first impressions

I know, I’m a little late to the game – but I have been working hard on projects which get in the way of doing fun stuff like this! So I have installed and had a brief look at MS SharePoint 2013 using the MSDN developer preview. It looks interesting, lots of intergration with social networking, syncronisation of data (at an enterprise level) and ‘Apps’. Here is a breakdown of what I did and road blocks I encountered:

  • I downloaded the developer preview from MSDN
  • Installed on W2K8 R2 (running on a VirtualBox VM)
  • Loaded the installer, Pre-reqs installed without issues.
  • I then ran the Installer, which completed successfully
  • Issue 1 – I could not create the Config database, luckily someone else had already overcome this problem –
  • Issue 2 – The last step failed – creating sample data but reading around its not a big problem as SharePoint is still configured.

So all in all not a smooth installation, but it is a developer preview!

So my inital thoughts where:

  • Nice touches to UI (Windows 8 style)
  • Ability to embed code (this is I beleive is to help with how Apps will run)
  • Everything is App-centric! – Everything is an App! A document library is an app, a web part is an app, a site is an app – you get the picture 🙂

I will be doing a few more deep dives in the coming weeks – exploring SP designer and other features – so make sure you come back for more!

Happy SharePointing! 🙂

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