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Some handy tips to rejuvenate a intranet

Many intranet projects start with the best of intentions. It doesn’t take much to get distracted or sidelined with other priorities. To get back on track with your intranet here are my top 5 points from a list of 27 to consider for user adoption.

1. Acronym Wiki – Ensuring that everyone understands the lingo!
2. FAQs – Providing a facility to showcase a repository of commonly asked questions.
3. New hire announcements – Great for small organisations to know who is coming into the company.
4. SharePoint solution showcase – a great opportunity to show how SharePoint can provide business solutions which can be utilised by the organisation.
5. Top Searches – Providing an insight into what people in the organisation are looking for on their intranet.

Many thanks to Richard Harbridge.

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SPCAF public release 1

SPCAF – SharePoint Code Analysis Framework, is in its first public release. It provides a number of options to analyse code against best practices from a number of perspectives and roles (Admins, developers, architects and quality managers) within a SharePoint environment. Here’s some more detail on the release.

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What is the product catalog in SharePoint 2013?

The Product Catalog is essentially a site collection template which allows a search based publishing site to be find content across sites on a farm. It also provides the separation between publishing and authoring environments with in a SharePoint farm.

Benjamin Niaulin from Sharegate explains in some detail what the product catalog is and what it can be used for here.

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SharePoint: InfoPath vs ASPX

Personally, coming from a developer background I always have leaned towards using ASPX as it has provided me with the flexibility to create custom forms when using SharePoint. I think the main reason is the familiarity and there is no learning curve as it is based on something that becomes second nature. But over recent years I have moved away from coding and focussed more on what SharePoint can provide out of the box. InfoPath provides a good alternative for users of all types to create forms quickly and has some rich features which can be utilised. I have always looked at this subject with my ‘developer hat’ on but now as a Consultant/Architect I think the best solution should always win …

Here is a breakdown of the key features and benefits of using each:!

Happy Reading!


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SharePoint 2013 on premise or Office365?

Here is a nice article which discusses the pros and cons of SharePoint 2013 on premise VS Microsoft’s cloud solution, Office365.


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BizTalk 2013 – Installation & Configuration Guide

Hi there,

I found a great set of install notes for BizTalk 2013. Thanks to SANDRO PEREIRA for the guide. Here are the links:

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5 Steps to SharePoint Success – Business benefits

A few days ago I was asked to give the business benefits of delivering a SharePoint service. So I started to have a think, I searched and found this great video from 2012 SharePoint Saturday in the US by Dux Raymond.

Dux highlights the pains of implementing SharePoint and it being used incorrectly and how best to avoid common pitfalls. These 5 points are summarised below:

  1. Raise Executive Awareness – Do they understand the value of What SharePoint brings to an organisation?
  2. Educate & Engage the business – Address the business pain points & challenges. Describe how this can be remedied using SharePoint. Don’t Call it SharePoint – Call it what is not by the technology!
  3. Keep your priorities in order – Project scope needs to be limited and specific
  4. Assess Organisational Readiness – Platform Implementation, Change Management, Release Management, Support
  5. Establish a Road Map – Help quantify how you can get maximum ROI from SharePoint by outlining solutions & features which will be deployed

If you keep these simple points to mind when looking at SharePoint you can get great value from an implementation. Remember SharePoint should be utilised as a business platform, it links to Office which is the most commonly used tool Microsoft offer making it a perfect companion for the majority of any business to plug in to!

Video Link:


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