Create an Organisation Chart using SharePoint and Office 2013

A great little way to use Out of the Box functionality to create an Organisation Chart using SharePoint, Excel & Visio:!

Its got a few a manual steps, but it saves on having to pay for a third party tool … 🙂

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SharePoint: InfoPath vs ASPX

Personally, coming from a developer background I always have leaned towards using ASPX as it has provided me with the flexibility to create custom forms when using SharePoint. I think the main reason is the familiarity and there is no learning curve as it is based on something that becomes second nature. But over recent years I have moved away from coding and focussed more on what SharePoint can provide out of the box. InfoPath provides a good alternative for users of all types to create forms quickly and has some rich features which can be utilised. I have always looked at this subject with my ‘developer hat’ on but now as a Consultant/Architect I think the best solution should always win …

Here is a breakdown of the key features and benefits of using each:!

Happy Reading!


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Ferguson’s Formula

Ferguson’s Formula

Awesome article on the management style of Sir Alex Ferguson during his 26 years at Manchester United by Anita Elberse with Sir Alex Ferguson.

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Migrate a SharePoint list from 2010 to 2013

A great article on the various options and approach to migrate a list and its data. Click here.

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Alternative to Cross Site Publishing in SharePoint 2013/Online

A great alternative to surface information from one site to another by using jQuery/JavaScript and the Client Object Model in SharePoint 2013/Office 365

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SharePoint 2013 on premise or Office365?

Here is a nice article which discusses the pros and cons of SharePoint 2013 on premise VS Microsoft’s cloud solution, Office365.


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