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What is the product catalog in SharePoint 2013?

The Product Catalog is essentially a site collection template which allows a search based publishing site to be find content across sites on a farm. It also provides the separation between publishing and authoring environments with in a SharePoint farm.

Benjamin Niaulin from Sharegate explains in some detail what the product catalog is and what it can be used for here.

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SharePoint 2013 Search

I know its been a while, but I am back now!

Work, Life, Home generally get in the way of me updating my blog more regularly. 🙂

But here we go again …

Here is a list of some of the cool new features in SharePoint 2013 Search:

  • Continuous Crawl – as soon as you add something to a site, the ability have it appear immediately in the results.
  • Hover Panel – A look at snapshot of a document and a brief summary
  • Expertise Search – a tool which allows searching of social profiles within SharePoint
  • Query Rules – Query Rules allows to have search requests from a user trigger multiple queries and multiple result sets

Here is some more detail: http://thuansoldier.net/?p=3036

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