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SharePoint 2013 Support for Windows Server 2012 R2

Bill Baer (Senior Product Marketing Manager – SharePoint) @ Microsoft has mentioned on his Blog that SharePoint 2013 isn’t compatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 currently. Work is in progress to remedy this in the form of the first service pack for SharePoint 2013, but there is no date for this yet. For the latest information check on Bill’s Blog here.

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BizTalk 2013 – Installation & Configuration Guide

Hi there,

I found a great set of install notes for BizTalk 2013. Thanks to SANDRO PEREIRA for the guide. Here are the links:

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SharePoint 2013 Installed on a Single VM

SharePoint 2013 Installed on a Single VM

A great link to a get around having a Domain controller and SQL Server VM installed on a host machine to install SharePoint 2013.

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